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Rookie Bass Angler: May 2013

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Bank holiday adventures

Over the past few weeks we have witnessed a small but marked improvement in the weather, however, it is the strength of the winds battering the west coast that are driving me mad! Nearly every weekend since the start of January it has been blowing 20 mph Souths or Easts and although it doesn't make things unfishable, it certainly doesn't make casting into it the easiest!

Anyway - we got out for a few casts over the weekend and managed a total of 12 Sea Trout with the biggest just over the 2lb mark. All taking the usual suspects - Abu krills, Megabass X Bubble, Savage Gear Seekers and Hansens.

My new yellow stick

I got myself a new toy to play with - an Illex Element Rider 210m Stalking Special (5-21g). I am not going to do a full rod review now because obviously it is early days yet but on first impressions it is a serious piece of kit. A lovely blank, well finished and a gem to fish with. 

Once I have put it through its paces with some bass, wrasse and pollack, I will be sure to get a review up so keep your eyes posted later on in the season for that. 

Just wish this wind would drop and the water temperatures rise just a little more - not too much to ask is it?

Until then - tight lines.

Monday, 6 May 2013

The anticipation of fishing abroad

Tomorrow I set off on a family holiday to Seville where we spend a few days before heading off to the coast around Conil de la Frontera. (West of Gibraltar.)

The travel rods are packed and a good selection of lures are arranged and ready to be boxed up.

I love the idea of fishing abroad partly because of the heat but mainly due to the un-known element to it. I have read about bass and bluefish being caught so that should be interesting. I made sure to pack the wire traces anyway just in case I hook into a blue - don't want those teeth to chomp through my leader!

The coast line looks mainly sandy but with scattered rocky outcrops, cliffs and bays so who knows. There seems to be a lot of people fishing in the region. 'Surfcasting' is hugely popular but this is with bait rather than the East Coast Striper style with needles and bucktails etc ..... I am sure we will be laughed at by the locals using lures etc but it will be an experience if nothing else.

I will be sure to get a full report up (if I catch that is) when I am back .

Fingers crossed.