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Rookie Bass Angler: March 2013

Thursday, 21 March 2013

The perfect job?

Ever sit and think to yourself - 'I wish I could spend everyday out fishing, chasing bass, enjoying the wild rugged coastline?' Well Matt Powell at Welsh Bass Guides is living the dream!

Very rarely will you ever meet a more passionate and dedicated angler as Matt. Not only is he hugely conservation driven but also has a real drive to educate and pass on his knowledge to other people.

I was fortunate enough to spend some time with him last year and I can put my hand on my heart and say it was one of the best experiences I have had.

Be it chasing big bass on rugged rocky shorelines or tempting them onto a soft plastic off a surf beach Matt offers it all and at a decent price too. Each package is tailored to meet the clients specific needs and abilities.

It is not just Bass either, if chasing Wrasse and Pollack on lure gear is your thing then - why not give him a ring and have a chat?

Have a look at his facebook page for more information:


His skills and passion however, do not stop at fishing. Foraging for wild foods and creating world class quality food is what makes his business Fishing and foraging Wales such a diverse and exhilarating package.

Why not check out his website and see for yourself:


Looking for a new, exciting and refreshing experience this summer? I urge you to check out Matt and his business and try it for yourself. 

You won't regret it!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Bass Go Deeper Plug Rack Review

Bass-Go-Deeper Plug Belt Rack Review

RRP - £39.99

As always it was a pleasure working with Nick at Bass Go Deeper - the customer service was excellent and once we had discussed the required specification the production and delivery of the rack was speedy. This is the second time I have dealt with Nick and it is good to see consistency within a company especially when it comes to bespoke products.

The plug rack is a really handy bit of kit for any lure anglers fishing from a vessel -it is described by the manufacturer as:

‘…a lure storage system for kayaks, canoes and other fishing vessels. It combines the freedom of hands-free fishing with the idea of plastic tubes to hold your lures. Plugrack can be attached to any part of the vessel keeping your favourite lures within arms reach of your fishing position. The plastic tube lure holders are slotted securely through the loops in the rack and have rubber security rings both above and below the loop to ensure that the tubes will never fall out. Both the plug at the bottom of the tube, the tube caps at the top as well as the entire strip of tubes can be removed for ease of cleaning. However, the cap is attached to the upper rubber ring so it cannot be dropped in the sea and lost when changing your lure in situ.’

(A special thanks has to be given to the Fiish lads as well for providing some seriously cool pictures - awesome stuff!)


The rack I chose has 6 tubes, approximately 170mm in length. These are ideal for storing a variety of plugs, casting jigs and flutter baits. What I liked about the product is the flexibility and diversity which it can offer you for storing lures. Upon ordering you can request the tubes be cut to your preferred size e.g. for using soft plastics you can get the tubes cut to a shorter length.

I was sent a sample of the short tubes and they make accessing soft plastics baits effortless and quick.

The tubes are made of a tough and durable plastic and of course are transparent so you can easily select your next lure of choice.

As with the Plug Belt the tubes are sealed tightly with an end cap attached to an elasticated cord which prevents loosing the lids, a very simple yet crucial addition.


Do not for one minute be fooled into thinking this is only suitable for boat anglers, it is more versatile than that - this offers the perfect solution for anyone fishing from a canoe, kayak or even a float tube. I think the rack comes into its own when using an inflatable device such as a RIB, dingy or float tube etc as it provides a safe method of storing your lures and preventing unwanted punctures in your vessel.

It also eliminates tangled hooks on lures and means quicker and easier access to a specific lure when the action starts to hot up.


The rack comes with a full set of simple fitting instructions as follows:

‘… lightly sand the area you would like to place your rack then make two small holes in each end of the Velcro making sure they are smaller than the bolt provided. Place the unpeeled Velcro on the vessel and make a mark with your pen through the holes onto your vessel, these will provide drilling guides. Now drill two 7mm holes in your vessel and push your rubber grommets in to the holes. Peel off the backing and carefully place it in position then wind the bolts into the holes through the positioned Velcro.’

The instructions are easy to follow and guide you through the process step by step. Perhaps a small recommendation or amendment would be to put these instructions in bullet points or numbered steps to aid following and reading, but this is a minor observation.

Of course careful consideration must be given as to the placement of the rack on your vessel but once it is in place it certainly isn’t going anywhere fast …. The Velcro is tough and strong which is nice to see, as if there is one thing which really annoys me, it is weak Velcro – so it is nice to find quality material being used.

If you have any problem or difficulties fitting the rack please contact the help line:

0044 (0) 7971988356

User Friendly

Like the other Bass Go Deeper products, the rack is built with the customer in mind. The end caps are easily removed yet maintain a solid seal to prevent water getting in and the lures accidently falling out.

It is ideal for fishing in big or rough seas as it prevents tackle boxes rolling around the bottom of the boat. With this fitted to the side or console it removes the need for any unnecessary clutter on the deck and of course this aids safety on board.

As with most pieces of lure fishing equipment we like things to look good and the plug rack looks slick and stylish. However, it also remains true to its brief and is extremely functional.  

Mini Rack – Two Plug Rack

RRP - £24.99

It is also worth noting that Bass Go Deeper also offer a smaller two plug variant of the Original Plug Rack ideal for smaller vessels or when space is at a premium.


I love to see small U.K. based companies responding to anglers’ needs and in this case Bass Go Deeper have hit the nail on the head with this product. If you fish from a boat, RIB, canoe, float tube or a kayak this product provides you with an easy to use, stylish and functional method of lure storage to suit all your needs.

Check out their website or Facebook page for details on how to order and further contact information:



Sea Trout on lures - March Irish Angler

Check out  March edition of Irish Angler to read the full article on Sea Trout on lures.

Covering tackle, lures, location and tide states.

A good chance to view the new Aurasma technology in the article as well. See the magazine for more details.

Grab a copy now from your local shop and get the kettle on!