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Rookie Bass Angler: August 2011

Friday, 26 August 2011

Bass Gear

I recently purchased a new set up comprising of an Alcedo Aluminium Pro and a Teklon Concept Spin - Hope they both arrive in one piece and perform well. Maybe get them down to Wexford to test them out.

Kerry August 2011

My First Bass!

After the following days success we set about getting some bait, setting up the beach casters and waiting for night to fall and the tide to come in.

We eventually get set up after some expert advice from local fishing tackle shop owner Kevin Brain (worth a visit to talk to this man, i owe my success to him!) A cocktail bait was put on a Pennel rig and lobbed out into the roaring darkness. High tide came and as it began to back off the rod jumped out of the holder ..... Neither of us were expecting such a violent take! I grabbed the rod, wound into it and struck. Nothing - just dead weight. Great I have snagged up on weed i thought. So i reeled it in, got it to within 20 feet of the shore and then the rod tip went mad! It was then i got my first glimpse of the silver bars of my first Sea Bass. At just over 3lb it was not a monster but made the trip worth while for me. The Bass was returned safely and unharmed to make another anglers day.

A trip for Silver Devils

After much consideration and preparation myself and my dad set off for Waterville, Kerry. A long and very agitated trip but what is to come made up for that.

The first evening we arrived we set out to wet a line. Low tide, big surf, golden sandy beach - it looked perfect! Bearing in mind we had no bait so it was spinning or nothing and let me tell you we didn't drive all that way for nothing! Half an hour into the session I hear the shouts 'I'm in.....' I chucked my rod down and ran down the beach to see his rod doubled over, and the singing noise of line ripping off the reel, so fast it actually burnt the gears out and the reel locked up - NIGHTMARE! After some fighting and dare i say many expletives later we landed our first Bass. 

At just over 6lb we could not believe how lucky we were .... first night and we land this? After the comedown from the shock and adrenaline we set off back for some sleep and prepare for the days to come.