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Rookie Bass Angler: December 2013

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Boxing Day Piking

Just a quick update on my adventures over Christmas.

First off, I hope everyone got a visit from Santa and got plenty of shiny new lures and fishing goodies. 

I was lucky enough to get a Go Pro, so stay tuned for my adventures with it - when I get the chance to get out and try it!

We had a rather slow, and unproductive day at the Pike but we still managed a few.
It was a lovely day, bright, crisp, cold and sunny ..... so I guess it wasn't all bad.

Megabass Dot Crawler fished over the weed beds.

Fish were not huge but in really nice condition which is promising and good to see. 

Lunker City Sluggo fished slowly along the bottom produced this other hungry Pike. It really was a struggle to find the fish, we tried all sorts of plugs and plastics but in the end we were happy to even get a bend in the rod and a breath of fresh air. 

Looking forward to wetting a line over the New Year and hopefully getting the Go Pro out. 

Keep you posted. 

Monday, 23 December 2013

Merry Christmas

Just a quick post to say thanks to all my followers and readers.

It has been a busy year, perhaps not as much fishing as I would have liked but next year will be the one to watch out for.

Stay tuned and hope you all have a great holiday!

Tight lines,


Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Super Sonic Hounds

IMA Sonic 100 F

I am a massive fan of the IMA Hound Glide 125 F - it is very difficult to find a lure that punches into an onshore wind just quite like it. When you need a lure to hold down in rougher conditions looks no further!

But have you ever been out Bass fishing when the fish simply won't look at big lures? This is where the IMA 100 F Sonic comes into play.

This 100 mm plug casts like its bigger brother and digs in well too - the perfect package for when the Bass are fixated on smaller lures.

This one deserves a place in your lure box for next season!

Available at:


Spec sheet:

Length: 100 mm
Weight: 14 g
Diving depth: 40 - 80 cm


Cotton Candy

Sardine Red Belly

Bora Mullet

Saturday, 14 December 2013

The perfect hard bait for Sea Trout?

Illex Rolla Minnow:

Length - 100 mm
Weight - 5.1 g


This is a new 2014 lure for Illex and I have to say it looks stunning! I have yet to see another hard plug which resembles a sand eel as well as this!

It is so slim and has a semi transparent top with a killer ayu/olive underside.

It comes equipped with three treble hooks which is over kill so I would immediately switch these to either singles or possibly two barb-less trebles.

Despite it being a light lure it casts well due to a well placed weight system.

It will sink but once the retrieve is started it will swim in the top 20 -30 cm of the water.

Probably best fished with added twitches to mimic a distressed sand eel or pausing it allowing it to sink and fall down.

It is certainly one to bear in mind for next season - I am sure this will cause some stir once the fishing picks up and I am sure a few Bass will nail them as well in calm clear conditions.


Sunday, 8 December 2013

A spot of Pike fishing

Due to various other commitments I have been unable to get out for a chuck in the salt but I was getting itchy fingers and I needed to get out of the house.

The weather looked decent - cold, bright and not too windy so we headed off for a spot of Pike fishing.

It was a lovely day to be out and just clear the head.

Below is the new Illex Jockie 120 F in Attract Pink colour. It is a shallow diving lure with a great wobble. It swims in the top 20 cm and I reckon it will be a killer for Bass and other predatory fish.


It produced a fish in the first 10 minutes - great start!

It was a false start though ..... we fished hard for the next few hours with no results before finally landing another an hour before the light faded.

It will be interesting to see how the new Illex plug will perform in saltwater but I am sure it will prove to be a regular in my lure box from now on.

Tight lines.