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Rookie Bass Angler: December 2011

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Geared up for Irish Pollack!

Heading off for a few days to West Coast of Ireland. Weather permitting I plan to get out for Pollack, Wrasse and maybe even a Mullet (if we are lucky)

Update when I am back .... Fingers crossed!

Monday, 26 December 2011

A festive Pike fish!

First of all I have to mention how great 'Santa' was to me. . . . . Various Lures (which will be uploaded soon) IMA lure vest and various other fishing bits and bobs. . . . .

Boxing Day Pike:

After much consideration we decided on a location and set off for our chosen pike lake. The weather was mild but very very windy. . . . I could for see problems!

We arrived shortly after 10a.m and began to fish the reedy shallow side of the lake but the wind made it impossible to fish. We moved over to the other side where we began to hook up into small jack pike around the 2-4lb mark.

Already delighted by our efforts we took a short break, re-assessed out tactics and set back to work.

Then we hooked into another two decent sized fish. . . .

 It was not long before we hooked into a big one!!!!

Using our hand painted large 180mm lures (see earlier post on blog) we chugged it along the surface slowly and ensuring we got a good rattle and BANG! Fish on!

A very plump 9+ pound pike was landed . . . . we both could not believe it . . . . what a way to spend a day!

A fantastic days fishing and what made it better was that we used a combination of old and new lures. These pike were caught on: storm chug bugs, hand painted lures, small bought minnow style plugs and I even had a few takes on wave worms, but found it hard to get the hook set.

To finish the day I hooked a small but perfect little jack . . . .

All in all a great day out! I got to try out my new Sunline Super PE #2 and new Daiwa TDX 3012 reel. also got to test out a Daiwa Calida 3000x, both lovely reels and I now know why people swear by these Daiwa reels. Also the IMA vest was fantastic. . . . more to come on it, so stay tuned. 

Merry Christmas! 

Friday, 9 December 2011

Daiwa TDX 3012

Never have I been so happy to open the door to the postman or in this case postwoman this morning . . . . 

It was probably my most rushed signature in history!!!!

I need to say this now, I haven't got any line on it yet but I have had it on my rod and it balances perfectly. 

Super smooth, slick looking and just seems incredibly well built and designed. 

I did'n expect to receive the double handled version, as I thought the one I ordered was the single but I am not complaining at all . . . . . . 

First Glance .................

Side Shot ...........

Rear view ............

I really can not wait to get this out and tested. It will probably (if I am lucky) be tried out on a Pike trip around Christmas or perhaps a little spot of Light Irish Pollack Fishing . . . . . 

Keep you posted when I finally get some line on it!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Pike Fishing

Just a few pics from my two Pike fishing trips of late summer / autumn.

All caught on lures except one on bait, i know not as exciting but needs must!

You can never go wrong with pike if your looking for a good scrap and some spectacular runs and surface action . . . Bring on the winter sessions!