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Rookie Bass Angler: June 2012

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Can it get any better?

Usually when fishing for Sea Trout we would consider it a good day if we landed a few fish up to the 1 lb mark. Around where we fish the average size is somewhere around the 1/2 to 3/4 lb mark.

In the three sessions which we had we landed a total of 28 sea trout up to the 2lb mark and we lost at least another 20 and I am not exaggerating here! Anyone who has fished for these fine fish know how cunning they are at spitting or shaking off the hook!

The first session we hit a school of fish around the 1 lb mark and they were feeding thick and fast.

Second session was slower but ended up producing a number of decent fish and I had one on that was over  2 lb but it went airborne and swam off to see another day.

Session three was somewhat different - this was a shoal of bigger fish. Again I whacked into a big fish of over 3 lb .... the reel was screaming and then the head shaking began ... I battled through that and then I could feel the fish powering up to jump. It broke the water clear and gave one shake and I saw the lure fly out of the mouth ...... was I gutted? Of course but I have come to realise that, I am going to release these fish anyway so atleast it can swim for another day .... It would be nice to get it on the sand, touch it and take a picture but sure, maybe another day!

About 95% of the fish landed were all caught on little bits of metal, primarily the Abu Krill (which I talked about in previous write ups) this lure just works - fact.

Although a few other lures picked up some fish but not to the same extent as metals.

Every time I land one of these Trout it amazes me how well they blend in with the sand and surroundings . . . and the spots .... well you have to see them to believe them!

A change of pace .......

After a few sessions at the trout I decided it was time to try the local beach again in the hope for a Bass ..... of course this is massively optimistic given the location but never say never ....

Into the surf with a 9ft Daiwa rod and a mixture of lures: Bass Bullets, Lucky Craft Blue Shot 25g and a Lure I adapted to use as a flutter bait / jig. All rigged with Decoy Assist hooks.

Needless to say - no fish, but it is great fun surf fishing with lures ......

To mix things up a little bit we dragged out the inflatable canoe and took it for a trip down the estuary, more as a way of finding out depths and layout of the new sandbanks which had formed since the rough weather earlier on in the year. 

Bumped a few little Sea Trout from it. Very relaxing way to fish!

To cap it all off .... a failed session at Mullet one evening but was worth it for this picture as the sun ebgan to set.

Time now to get the bags packed as I am off to Wales on Monday .... Excited doesn't even come close.

Tight Lines.