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Rookie Bass Angler: The perfect hard bait for Sea Trout?

Saturday, 14 December 2013

The perfect hard bait for Sea Trout?

Illex Rolla Minnow:

Length - 100 mm
Weight - 5.1 g


This is a new 2014 lure for Illex and I have to say it looks stunning! I have yet to see another hard plug which resembles a sand eel as well as this!

It is so slim and has a semi transparent top with a killer ayu/olive underside.

It comes equipped with three treble hooks which is over kill so I would immediately switch these to either singles or possibly two barb-less trebles.

Despite it being a light lure it casts well due to a well placed weight system.

It will sink but once the retrieve is started it will swim in the top 20 -30 cm of the water.

Probably best fished with added twitches to mimic a distressed sand eel or pausing it allowing it to sink and fall down.

It is certainly one to bear in mind for next season - I am sure this will cause some stir once the fishing picks up and I am sure a few Bass will nail them as well in calm clear conditions.



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