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Rookie Bass Angler: November 2011

Friday, 25 November 2011

Summer Salmon and Sea-Trout Adventures:

My blog would suggest that the only type of fishing I do is for Bass but this is not true. I do alot of fishing in the sea for other species but sadly this year just hasn't really produced.

However, I managed to get doing a little bit of Salmon fishing in September on a river in North West of Ireland. Eventually the water was right and off we set.


The previous few days had been frustrating as my Dad had been catching alot of Salmon and i couldn't even raise a fish . . . But my luck was to change.

Came to a lovely stretch of water . . . nice pools and rapids. Using the very boring but effective Flying 'C' i flicked it out and began to retrieve it back in . . . BANG!

I was into a Salmon! It went out into the middle of the river and just sat there in the current and then it took off. Jumps, huge head shakes, fierce runs all made my heart pound furiously!

It took my up and down the back, over rapids, round and over rocks. It was some fight. After 12 minutes of breathtaking action we finally landed the fish. Got it unhooked and then spent 15mins getting it back to fighting fit condition.

One flick of the tail at it was off again to fight another day.

I know by most peoples standards a 7lb salmon is no monster but it is a fish I will never forget. Company, scenery and the fight was unforgettable.

First time I had my Alcedo out and tested. The drag is amazing on the reel, so sensitive and smooth and the adjustments are very fine.

Sea Trout:

This encounter was around mid July.

As anyone who has done it before estuary fishing is fantastic, be it for bass or sea trout.

Tide was right, sun was out and it was looking perfect. I stuck on a blue and white diving plug around 90mm long and began to methodically work the water . . . Several casts later and no luck.

cast out again . . . just as it was coming close the the edge i got the stereotypical thump thump thump of a sea trout take and it was on. It wasn't a massive fish, between 1 and 2 pound weight but it was a lovely sight in the clear water.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Wexford - November 2011

After our trip to Kerry and a few attempts in Co Louth we decided it was time to head down the South East coast in our search for the Bass. Admittedly it was quite late in the year and our chances were somewhat reduced but it was either go now or wait until next spring, and I was rather impatient!

We had booked a house for four nights - this allowed us to use it as a base and travel out to some marks in the surrounding area. Unfortunately just before we arrived down there was a period of bad weather and for the first two days there was a large swell, loose weed and overall a very murky water. It wasn't looking good at this point, but nothing we could do but fish on!

We tried bait fishing from the shore but the weed just made it impossible to fish. We had one or two hits but no successful hook ups. . . .

4.5 Lb Bass Attack

Time was running out and we went to a mark close by which looked perfect for Bass - good movement in the water and the tide perfect.

We were out for daybreak, clear sky and the sun just coming up . . . .

The two of us stood a couple of feet apart and began to methodically work the lures in the water.

We were chatting away and the next thing I heard was that textbook reel scream that gets every anglers heart going - Fish on!

After a good fight and a few heart stopping moments we landed the plump 4.5 lb Bass!

Got him unhooked and took some pictures and set him back to fight on for another day.

It may have been the only fish that we could produce between us but it couldn't have been anymore perfect and certainly a memory that we won't forget!

The Gear:

It was also the first time I got to try out my home painted lures. Although they didn't catch a fish they looked superb, nice action and not too expensive if you happen to loose them!

Although the fishing was very poor, it was a trip worth making. Lovely people, nice weather and the surroundings were just spectacular!

Special thanks to . . . . . . 

Also got meeting up with a lad who I must thank for putting me onto these marks, Jay, without the info we would have been lost. Great night of chit chat, banter and some good old angling stories!

All thanks to this lad!


Other pictures:

Now time to unpack, wash the rods and rinse all the lures until next time!